I will manage all aspects of your health insurance for $5

/ 3 Days On Average
manage all aspects of your health insurance
manage all aspects of your health insurance

About This Gig

Here are some insurance scenarios:

  • You don't know how the policy works.
  • You don't know all the benefits at your disposal.
  • You receive what looks like a bill and are confused.
  • You don't have health insurance at all and need to sign up

 As an insurance concierge, we have two main responsibilities.

First, we manage all aspects of your HEALTH, DENTAL, VISION, CRITICAL-CARE and ACCIDENT insurance plans.  If offered through your employer, we send reminders during open enrollment.  We help you determine the best insurance options.  We remind you of patient responsibilities for services.  We handle claims issues.  We handle authorizations.  We make any calls necessary to get your insurance questions or issues resolved.

Second, if you don't have insurance, we work with you in getting signed up either through your employer or through the Affordable Care Act.  Did you know that it is now illegal to not have insurance?  And the same services apply above when you obtain coverage.

Each gig is considered a consultation with you or some sort of interaction with your insurance, e.g., calling the insurance company to resolve claims issues.  Each gig is worth 15 minutes.