I will be a job, school, LinkedIn, or personal reference for you

be a job, school, LinkedIn, or personal reference for you
be a job, school, LinkedIn, or personal reference for you

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About This Gig

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Due to ongoing technical issues preventing us from responding to both our prospective and existing customers and that Fiverr has been unable to resolve, we have set up another profile.  We're still the same great service--with our obsession for providing A1 customer service--just on a new page.

Not sure about us?  Peruse through the feedback on this page and read about the experience of our other customers.  When you're ready, check us out here:

If any orders are placed on this page, we will request a cancelation and direct you to order on our new page:  

We can't wait to handle all your reference needs!

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What if I need more than one call handler?
    We've got you covered. Each additional call handler is an upgrade of only 10.00 each. We keep it simple and reasonable for you.
  • What if the number of calls I need exceeds the number of call handlers I need?
    All that simply means is that the number of calls is spread out among your handlers. For example, if you need five calls but only three call handlers, they'll take five calls between them. Simple, right?
  • How long will I have access to your services?
    Each of our packages are based in 30-day increments. In that time frame, we'll handle as many references as your package allows.
  • If I order the silver package and find later that I need more references, can I order it again?
    The Silver package is the perfect solution for new customers or customers who didn't have the opportunity to use the reference in their prior Silver package purchase. For existing customers or customers for whom we've verified references, we designed the Gold and Platinum packages just for you.
  • Will the call handlers have American-sounding accents?
    Keep in mind that there is no singular American accent. Accents within the US will vary, of course. We can, however, confirm that our call handlers are US- and Canada-based.
  • If I have questions during the project, how can I contact you?
    We offer multiple solutions for you to reach us during the project: Fiverr, e-mail, and text, all of which have a one-hour turnaround time for responding.
  • What are your operating hours?
    We strive to be available for our customers as much as possible. Our operating hours are Sunday through Saturday from 9 a.m. to 7 p.m. MST. We'll respond to all requests within one business hour during our operating hours.
  • What if I need to have any letters you write e-mailed, faxed, or uploaded?
    E-mail, scanning, and uploading are complimentary services. You can upgrade to mailing or faxing references for a nominal 10.00 if that works better for your needs.
  • Do the letters come on letterhead? If so, is there a cost?
    Letterheads operate on two levels with us. If you're listed as an employee of our company, our letterhead is complimentary. If we're acting as a prior employer, we can create a standard letter with no letterhead, or you can upgrade to letterhead for only 10.00.
  • How do the delivery times work?
    The delivery time is our service-level agreement with you. Delivery date simply means that we provide you our contact information. In order to do so, we'll request your help by providing us all the necessary information for the reference. Then we'll deliver our details within the deadline.