I will be a job, school, LinkedIn, or personal reference for you for $5

/ 3 Days On Average
be a job, school, LinkedIn, or personal reference for you
be a job, school, LinkedIn, or personal reference for you

About This Gig

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**For additional information, check out our FAQs below.  You can also send us a message or chat with us for on-demand responses.

Welcome to the BEST-SELLINGTOP-RATED reference provider on Fiverr!

Our top priority is providing our services in a customer-focused fashion.  Here's a breakdown of our services:

REFERENCES (US-based and Canadian)

  • Employment (existing employer on resume)
  • Employment (employee of one of our companies) - see FAQs for details
  • LinkedIn
  • Personal (school, landlord, loan, and more)
  • Landlord (as a landlord)

LETTERS (see FAQs for details)

  • Offer
  • Employment verification
  • Reference


You provide us with all the information to make the reference credible and to allow us to provide you with the most positive feedback possible.  After that, you're assigned to an account manager who will coordinate the project.  Simple.

Thanks for considering us as your five-star reference solution.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What if I need more than one call handler?
    No problem at all. We'll provide two different call takers no charge. If you'd like three or more, it's a simple 10.00 upgrade. Just that simple.
  • What if the number of calls I need exceeds the number of call handlers I need?
    All that simply means is that the number of calls is spread out among your handlers. For example, if you need five calls but only three call handlers, they'll take five calls between them.
  • How long are my references good for?
    We're happy to handle verifications for a 30-day, one-month period. If you would ilke a longer period, simply repurchase before the expiration date, and we'll continue to provide you with service.
  • How does the unlimited gig extra work?
    For one low cost, in a 30-day time frame, you can send as many reference calls/e-mails our way as you'd like. It's just that simple.
  • Will the call handlers have American-sounding accents?
    Keep in mind that there are a number of accents peculiar to American English. We can say that for American references, our coordinators will be native English speakers.
  • What if I have additional questions? How do I contact you?
    Of course, you can respond via Fiverr. Because some reference requests can be extensive, we have a gig extra to speak telephonically to ensure we can meet your needs. The summary of the call will be delivered on Fiverr for your records.
  • What's the cost difference between an employee of your company versus using my existing employer?
    There is an 10.00 upgrade charge to be listed as an employee of one of our registered companies. If we're acting as an existing employer, it's the standard 5.00.
  • What if I need to have any letters you write e-mailed, faxed, or uploaded?
    We can handle it all for you. There is simply a 10.00 upgrade charge to deliver them through any of these media.
  • What if I need a letter on letterhead?
    If listed as an employee of our business, we're happy to say that it's complimentary. For other documents, letterhead is an upgrade charge of 10.00 per letter. All letters are signed at no fee to you.