I will cast a spell to help your career

cast a spell to help your career

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Description Changes Package New Beginnings Package Self-Employment Package
  Spells to overcome changes or add harmony to the workplace Spells to find a job or get a promotion Spells to help your businessSpells to overcome changes or add harmony to the workplace
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About This Gig

Need a spell for your career but don't want to do it yourself? That's what I am here for! I will do any kind of career spell you need to be done. Below is a list of the types of spells that go under each category.

Changes Spell
  • Overcoming changes
  • Overcoming setbacks
  • Bring harmony to the workplace

New Beginnings Spell
  • Find a job
  • Get a job you've been wanting
  • Get a promotion

Self-Employment Spell
  • To launch a new business
  • To turn an interest into a career
  • To gain profit

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What does the time frame a spell will work depend on?
    As a rule, the average time frame for success after completion is one or sometimes two months. Obviously, every situation is individual. There are many factors when spells are cast.
  • How long do spells remain in effect for?
    Spells differ in power. Everything depends on your purpose.
  • How can one find out if it is in effect?
    It's very easy to find out if the spell is in effect or not. The behavior of the person under spell will differ (depending on the spell's power) from how he/she used to behave in the past.
  • It's been a while and they haven't changed!
    Sometimes magic influence may counteract the person's will. In this case, rejection of the influence may be observed. In this case, it's necessary to adjust the method of influence and make it more natural.