I will provide you 18 insights that will help you in business

provide you 18 insights that will help you in business

About This Gig

How Did It All Begin?

Good fortune has blessed me with three wonderful children.

While still serving in the army, my oldest son Omri called me one night from far away in the desert, where he was stationed and made a brief statement that prompted the writing of this book: “I can’t wait to be released from the army and to set up my first business!”

I have been navigating the business world for over thirty years, and I know a few of its more brightly lit and darker corners pretty well, so I responded almost automatically: “You know what? Promise me that before you start your first business, we’ll close ourselves off somewhere for two, three days and I’ll try to outline a few iron rules for you. Agreed?”

“Agreed,” Omri replied and went back to defending his country.

That very night I sat down to write my basic insights. This isn’t the whole picture, but if you precisely implement the principles included in the 27 pages PDF that I will send you, I promise you a journey through the business world that will be much more successful!

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