I will cast A Contact Me Spell x5

cast A Contact Me Spell x5

About This Gig

Contact Me Spell

Do you want someone to call you or text you?

Dont you hate when an Ex just moves on with their life, never to contact you again.

Did you argue with someone and need to talk to get on Good Terms?

Do you want to communicate with someone and you feel he/she is ignoring you? Then make them contact you

This spell will make them constantly thinking about picking up the phone and seeing what your up to, this spell will make them feel curious and wonder and they wont know why!

I am a REAL CASTER that will provide you with an AUTHENTIC CASTING No GAMES!

My guarantee:
If at anytime you are not happy with Results Contact Me
A FREE Recast Is Guaranteed After 60 Days

Real Castings Real Photos*

Gig Extras-

Add Photo & Insight (1 Outcome Card)

Cast x5 or Cast x10 in 1 Night

Cast 5 Days-Includes 1 Photo & 5 Card Reading

Cast 7 Days-Includes 2 or More Photos & 10 Card Reading 

*I do not Read or Cast for Other Reader, Casters/Competitors*

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cast A Contact Me Spell

cast A Contact Me Spell x5-Includes Photo

1 day delivery