I will be your website girl

be your website girl
be your website girl
be your website girl
be your website girl

About This Gig

Hello everyone!
Please check my gig video to see what is this offer.

I will record introduction for your website and deliver the video with transparent background in flash format that can be attached on any site. Or i can deliver it with color/picture background in regular .mp4 video format. You choose

 Please notice that you may need web developer or programmer to insert the file if you choose the option with transparent background for your site!

Or you can use: http://videostir.com/ and do it by yourself :)

This is a real example of my customer's site:  http://www.databaseworldwide.com/

The video will be me coming from left or right in the screen (full body). You can put it anywhere in your website. 

It is always better if someone explains your services to your visitors. It is easier for them to understand plus a girl will definitely attract their attention.

For $5 I will be your website girl telling 60 words. If you have longer script please order more gigs. 
Please check my gig extras.

Looking forward to work with you!