I will post produce your video or film idea profesionally

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post produce your video or film idea profesionally
post produce your video or film idea profesionally

About This Gig

Film & Video post production are one of the keystones of good storytelling. Storytelling its hidden in ALL we want to communicate. From advertising, to sales concepts, short film stories, online marketing and personal events. It does not only include the optimal utilization of your production material, but it is the process of the unveiling or reimagination of your core concept.

Work example:

1. https://goo.gl/SK9YwU 
    Phonit Music Video / Fractal

The work of a post producer is to make a system with all the production assets that serve the idea and the concept of the product. From footage visualization to image/video editing, color enhancement, encompassing music, titling creation, stock selection, and many more details that make compelling visual stories.

I can post produce your idea/material in a collaborative environment. Depending on the scope and the nature of the product we can a find the optimal concept and timeframe/cost that suits your project. Please contact me before making any purchase.

At your service.

Yasser Andrés