I will develop angular2 web app for you

develop angular2 web app for you
develop angular2 web app for you

About This Gig

Angular is an awesome framework for front-end technology but I found SEO problem in it. As time pass, Angular2 provides a super solution of SEO and developed from best practices of Angular. All in all, if you have any idea to develop the web or mobile app just rock with Angular2.

Angular2 is released in oct 2016 and I am totally crazy about Angular2.

I have experience of Angular and I love javascript.

My work in Angular2
1) In angular attack compition, I have taken part with Jsbot.io team and we have delevoped Learnio app in Angular2.

2) I have developed small e-commerce application in Angular2.

3) Currently, running in one-page SPA site in Angular2.

Please contact me before order gig. If I am failed 100% cash back guarantee.

Order Details

All in one

I will develop Angular 2 application for you.

  • 1 Page
  • Include Source Code
2 days delivery

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Why Angular2 ?
    Angular2 is developed from angular best practices and it resolves SEO problem also. Angular2 is component base and it increases the performance of your site.