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record a sexy voiceover
record a sexy voiceover

About This Gig

That is right! I have a lovely voice and I would love to read any of your dirty words ;) For only $5 I will read around 500 words. Just send me what you want me to read and I will enthusiastically read it for you ;) anything you want to hear darling. Sample audio (Note just a sample of voice not normal audio quality) is available here: soundgasm . net/u/yeahiwrotethat/Sample

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Sexy Reading

Read whatever sexy words you like out loud. Just for you ;)

7 days delivery

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Do I provide sample audio?
    Yes...But it is low quality audio file of me reading random words. It's more to prove how sexy my voice is than anything else ;) If you want me to read your sample script you have to order first darling :)
  • How many words?
    500 words per $5...And yes I will read as long as you want...have 8000 words you need read, I will totally read that :)
  • What is your accent?
    I am an american female. My voice can range from slow and sultry to perky and enthused
  • Are unicorns real?