I will determine tourist schedules and costs for Bhutan Tours

determine tourist  schedules and costs for Bhutan Tours
determine tourist  schedules and costs for Bhutan Tours
determine tourist  schedules and costs for Bhutan Tours
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Description Bhutan Eco Tours Bhutan Adventure Treks & Tours Bhutan Cultural Tours
  The Ultimate Birding Trip, Bhutan safari Tours, Treks in Bhutan, Hike in Bhutan etc. Snowman Trek I, Jomolhari Trek, Dur Hotspring Trek etc Roar of the Dragon Tour, Festival Tour, Finding Shangri-La tour etc
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About This Gig

I will determine, arrange and plan the tourist needs and preferences, such as schedules and costs for Bhutan vacations/holidays/tours/travels/trips/mountain biking/honeymoon holidays etc . Just for your kind information, we provide various tour packages like Cultural Tours, Eco Tours, Featured Tours, Adventure Tours & Treks, Customized Tours and many others.

And we, at Big Bhutan Tours, are there to make this possible for you! We just don't take you around for sightseeing. We make you live the moments, in a fashion that is uniquely Bhutanese!

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Do I need to buy tour package for travelling in Bhutan?
    Yes. You must buy a tour package that is all inclusive (hotel, full board, transfer & transport, guide and sightseeing). Having paid for a package tour, you can be flexible in the tour programme, change the tour to see, or do what most interests you.
  • Do I need to use a tour operator to book my travel in Bhutan?
    Yes, it is a government regulation that you must use a license Bhutanese Tour Operator to book your travel to Bhutan.
  • What does the $200/$250 per day minimum daily package include in Bhutan?
    The $200 per day (low season) and $250 per day (high season) package includes a minimum of 3 star accommodations, costs for food, an experienced guide and transportation (with driver) within the country.
  • Where is Bhutan?
    Bhutan is a small, landlocked nation located in the eastern Himalayas between India and China. Its landscape ranges from subtropical plains and forests in the South to sub alpine forests and snowy mountains in the North. Bhutan is a predominantly Buddhist country.
  • Do I need a visa to enter Bhutan?
    All International tourists wishing to enter Bhutan require a visa which must be pre-arranged through a license Bhutanese Tour Operator. Visa clearance must be obtained through your tour operator prior to travel.