I will tagline Teaser Proofreading Script in English and Chinese

tagline Teaser Proofreading Script in English and Chinese

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Description Tagline for Movie Poster Basic Plus Script Proofread Standard plus subtiles
  Tagline for poster and teaser script for trailer Proofread your script for the Chinese market or Ensure all the subtitles are on track
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About This Gig

I'm bilingual (Chinese Mandarin and English) and multicultural. As a movie lover, I often see those brilliant words written by screenwriter lost in translation. It is my goal to bridge the cultural differences. More importantly, you need different tagline and teaser for each market, unless you are already a Hollywood Blockbuster. If your work is new to the market, it is extremely important to create a different tagline and trailer for this market. As a former News Anchor and producer for a couple co-production projects, you can trust my expertise. Thank you. 

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Do you translate the entire script as well?
    I don't normally translate the whole script, as it takes longer, and there are many translators out there. I would say I'm more like a cultural intelligence agent. I will point out which part of your screen speaks to the local audience and which is not.
  • Do you make trailers?
    If your movie is ready, I can help with the script for the trailers.
  • Do you help improve the jokes?
    I have seen so many movies and scripts, that the jokes doesn't resonate with the local audience. I will point out what works better and what not, this is part of the Standard Package.