I will be your German business assistant for 20 minutes

be your German business assistant for 20 minutes

About This Gig

Make your life easier!

Do you need some German-related tasks done?

  • Are you doing business with someone in Germany?
  • Or you have a friend in Germany?
  • Want to book a German hotel?
  • Get some info about something?
  • Or order something in Germany?

I will help you, make phone calls for you, translate something for you (English to German), or check if a translation has mistakes.

This gig is for 20 minutes personal assistant working time for business or private-related tasks. Just provide your instructions and let me know what you need.

I'm a born German with fluent English and also Chinese language (see other gigs for Chinese assistance). I graduated Anthony Robbins Mastery University. I'm running several businesses and can quickly handle tasks.

Feel free to order multiple gigs if you need a longer time of assistance.