I will install WHMCS ticket and invoice system for your domain

install WHMCS ticket and invoice system for your domain

About This Gig

Level1 Seller and fully Expert in whmcs Billing System.I can install,set-up,upgrade  Whmcs. Experience. 10 years.

WHMCS Installation

We will install the latest version of WHMCS for you at the location of your choice (e.g domain.com/whmcs, whmcs.domain.com).

Price = $5

WHMCS Configuration (Exactly the same as our own configuration!)

General Settings configuration
Automation Settings configuration
Custom Client Feilds configuration (Used for market research)
Payment Gateway Setup configuration (1 gateway)
Products/Services configuration (Up to 3 Plans)
Servers configuration (1 server)
Support Departments configuration (Up to 3 departments)
Database backup configuration (Very important)
Cron job configuration

Price = $15

WHMCS Integration

We will integrate WHMCS into your current design using the header and footer files included with the software.

Price = $25

All of our services will be completed within 48 hours after your order (in most cases under 12 hours). Our integration service will depend greatly on the site itself so it's hard to predict an exact time.