I will make a fun zombie video ecard for you

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make a fun zombie video ecard for you
make a fun zombie video ecard for you
Zombigram -  Mike_v2

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Description Dead Zombie Active Zombie Killer Zombie
  Zombie delivers your custom message. Zombie delivers your message with a gesture (fist pump, nodding, etc.) Zombie delivers your message, does a crazy dance (hip hop, thriller, etc.) then dies. Music/Sound FX
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About This Gig

I will make a zombie video for you, with the message of your choice, to use as an e-card:

Happy Birthday
Invite to a party
Breakup/We're over
Merry Christmas
Let's go out this weekend
Let's go golfing

What ever you want to say, say it with a zombie.

If you want to get really personal, I can put your face on the zombie or a person.
I can have the zombie attack the person or vice versa.

Your zombie can say ANYTHING you want it to say.
You can write the script or I can. You can do the voice or I can.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can I provide my own background?
    yes, just send me the image you want in the background.
  • Can I use my own voice?
    Yes, if you send me an mp3 of your message, I will use it. I can also apply a zombie sound effect to it if you wish.
  • Can you provide the voice?
    Yes, I can provide a variety of voices.
  • Do I write the script or do you?
    You can write the script, or you can provide me with the basic information and I will write it. This includes who the message is for, who it's from, and what the message theme is (Happy Birthday, Let's go out this weekend. I love you. etc.) and who it's from. Try and be funny!
  • Give me an example of something you would write.
    Hi Paul, I love you so much if I were a zombie I would follow you everywhere until you got too tired to run and then I would eat your brain! Love Susan.
  • Can I make a scene with more people and more zombies
    Yes, this would require some discussion to determine the costs but I can do videos with more zombies and even custom characters (you or your friends face on the zombie for example).