I will give you my secret weight loss recipe

give you my secret weight loss recipe

About This Gig

Like everyone else who experience being obese or overweight, I've been struggling with my weight and body shape since I was a little girl. Add to it the pressure we face everyday from Media & Celebrities, so I knew I had to do something about it!

I received this diet plan from a close friend of mine and it literally helped me save my life! I lost around 65lbs within 4 months.

The diet's suppose to make you lose between 44-60lbs in 1 month, but I was really slow; I didn't exercise, didn't follow the rules precisely, didn't drink a lot of water and above all consumed Coffee with Milk (milk is forbidden in this diet plan).

I'll be more than glad to help you through your journey as well!

It consists of 4 weeks, and you keep repeating them until you reach your desired goal.

After that you should do another 4-week plan of stabilizing your weight so you don't gain what you lost. Beware that you'll gain weight fast if you stopped without doing this step!

The Basic Gig covers the Main Directions document only, so check Extra Gigs below!

If you have any questions, just inbox me and i'll be more than happy to answer them, and share my experience with you!

Good Luck!