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be your professional reference
be your professional reference

About This Gig

You tell me what your greatest strengths and skills are, and I will be the best former boss or coworker you ever had. Maybe there's a really great story about the time you stopped the wrong phone number from being printed on 5,000 brochures, with only minutes to spare! Or maybe you're the one who finally figured out how to network the printers. Maybe you're the office hero who always brings in donuts just when people need it most. Gosh, I miss working with you already.

I will provide you with a phone number, title, and name to give to your prospective employer. You will tell me what industry we work in, when we worked together, and what I should focus on. I will be available until they call. Each gig is one reference check.

I will be a self employed freelancer in your industry. I have personal experience in white collar office jobs, graphic design, small nonprofits, and retail. If your industry is unique, you may need to provide me with specific details and guidance.

If needed, I can be your former client. Simply tell me what you did for me and I'll tell you what I love about it. You were so fast and easy to work with!

If I can't be your reference for any reason, I will let you know.

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Professional Reference

I describe your strengths and experience, determined by you. I am self employed in your industry.

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