I will answer your questions about sex

answer your questions about sex

About This Gig

Do you have questions about sexual performance, bedroom behavior, relationships, or the opposite gender?

Do you have questions you do not feel comfortable asking family or friends?

Does the idea of asking a former professional escort questions about sex seem more comfortable and logical to you?  If so as a former working girl, I am here to help.  My knowledge in this area is very extensive  and very little is shocking or surprising to me.  If it involves sex, it is probably not new to me.  I am very discreet and I love to please. 

Please note:  I can not answer detailed medical questions.

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Questions about sex

I'm an ex brothel girl who will answer any of your questions about sex

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Will you send nude pictures, meet in public, do Skype or Kik sessions.
    No, I will answer your questions in written format. I will not send nudes or meet with you in any way.