I will create a natural URBAN testimonial on webcam in 48 Hours

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Thanks so much for these two takes. They're both so good I'm going to have to watch them both quite a few times to figure out which one to use! Great enthusiasm and genuine delivery. Thanks again!
Reviewed by conversionlab 1 day ago
Outstanding Experience!
Reviewed by avivjunno 1 day ago
Just perfect, and partly because he asked me good questions so that his performance fits my expectations. Thanks !
Reviewed by samuelpickwick 3 days ago
awesome service!
Reviewed by jovelle 4 days ago
Outstanding Experience!
Reviewed by vincenthus974 about 12 hours ago
Top service as always. Always impressed with the realness of the testimonial and the quality of the performance. Another great gig done!
Reviewed by daniel27lt 9 days ago
If your really want a credible testimonial, this is your guy!!
Reviewed by fighterson 10 days ago
Outstanding Experience!
Reviewed by scottmillerpriv 11 days ago
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Phenomenal work! Would recommend for anyone. Thank you man
Reviewed by jonbelch 9 days ago
Outstanding Experience!
Reviewed by icemusicmedia 13 days ago
This was a great experience - I got exactly what I was looking for in a day. Loved it and I'd totally do it again. Also, I'm not a robot typing this, this is an review by an actual human, so you can take that to the bank!
Reviewed by jonlunger 14 days ago
Great Job! THANKS!
Reviewed by socialzing 11 days ago
Outstanding Experience!
Reviewed by lastwarning 12 days ago
Outstanding Experience!
Reviewed by visionsinpaint 16 days ago
I was EXTREMELY happy with the results. I sent out the same order to a few different Fiverr video testimonial gigs and this was by FAR the best one.
Reviewed by echoslam 19 days ago
Once again, a superb outstanding job! You took my idea and turn it into a perfect masterpiece. And delivered it way beyond the due date. Perfect seller!!! Highly recommend A++++++++++
Reviewed by teebug69 21 days ago
This is a professional spokesperson who can nail an informal, urban style for you. He's prompt and efficient. He uploaded two takes in less than 24 hours just to make sure he had the vibe tuned just right - awesome!
Reviewed by nathanslaughter 20 days ago
Everything was on point if u don't choose this guy . You're simply a FOOL... THANKS BRO PERFECT!!!!!
Reviewed by davedacomic 24 days ago
Great job
Reviewed by wethick 25 days ago
Good Experience!
Reviewed by bullseyejobs101 27 days ago
create a natural URBAN testimonial on webcam in 48 Hours
create a natural URBAN testimonial on webcam in 48 Hours
create a natural URBAN testimonial on webcam in 48 Hours
create a natural URBAN testimonial on webcam in 48 Hours
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About This Gig

Whats up everyone and thanks for checking out my GIG.  Exclusively here on fiverr I will be offering you a completely NATURAL and URBAN testimonial.

For $5 you get roughly 30 to 45 seconds (I do not count the words against you). Just dont go overboard :)

If you have a product that represents the urban, metropolitan, African American, Latino, or inner city community or you need to show diversity for your product, business, or website, then this gig is for you.

You need to show that your product, brand, service, or website represents a diverse group of people.  With my 100%  natural urban HD testimonial, I can assure you just that.

I also do urban promotional videos (see other GIGS) in which I've represented many artists and brands.

If you have any questions, please send a message, I respond very quickly.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Do You Only Do Urban?
    Nope! I am very well versed. I can give you an urban style, I can also put on a suit and tie and deliver a more professional testimonial with any background (Please see other GIGS).
  • What Other Urban Services Do You Offer?
    I offer urban promotional video services in which I've represented major brands and artists. I also offer urban voice over services