I will find the best info about your travel destination

find the best info about your travel destination

About This Gig

I will email  you a one page document that tells you the best books, phone apps, websites and other resources specifically for your next travel destination.

Part of the fun of going on vacation is researching what you'll do!  But why wade through a bunch of bad information to find what you want?  I help you cut to the chase so you can start making your plans more quickly!

I'm a librarian by training and the child of a travel agent.  I grew up helping plan international vacations at my parents' travel agency and thumbing through travel brochures for fun.  

$5 for one geographic area.  $5 dollars each for each additional geographic area.

Please contact me if you are unsure of what geographic areas you should choose (i.e. specific cities, whole states, regions, etc.)

Order Details

4 days delivery