I will do Onpage WordPress SEO

do Onpage WordPress SEO
do Onpage WordPress SEO

About This Gig

***Very Special Offer and a one day Job!***
Get your Website on the Search Results and Improve your Ranking within 24hrs for _US$25_

Here is the Checklist for this gig!

  1. Full meta tag editing and optimisation
  2. Installation and configuration of SEO Plugins
  3. Ensure your H1, H2 and H3 tags are being used effectively. 
  4. Sitemap.xml installation
  5. Configuration and submission to Google Webmasters 
  6. Robots.txt install and advanced wordpress configuration 
  7. Search engine friendly URLs
  8. If needed configure Google to maximize your search results for a particular country or geographic region.
  9. Webmaster & Google Analytics integration & configuration
  10. Ensure any robots.txt file is configured correctly

I do custom orders depends on how big is your website in terms of Media, pages, post and forms.

Please contact me for questions or for an exact price based on your requirements prior to ordering, if you're unsure - I can simply supply you a Custom Fiverr Offer to accept.

Order Details

2 days delivery

Basic SEO Service

Within 2 days get your website on the search