I will tweet your message to 60,000 people

tweet your message to 60,000 people

About This Gig

Will tweet your message advertisement to over 60K+ loyal followers and add 100 retweeets to my tw eet.

Advertise your business, website, Twitter profile affiliate link to over 60.000 HQ active followers to gain more exposure, followers, sales and web traffic for your website. 

Your t weet may include text message, 1 Twitter username, 1 #hashtag, 1 URL address or 1 image, but should not exceed 140 characters!

You will receive proof of tw eet and retweets, as soon as it's done!

Limitations - What the user will and will not twe et about.

  • Accept only t weets in English!
    1. Pornography, hate and other unlawful Twee ts Not Accepted!

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tweet to 60k+ genuine followers and 100 retweets to make it standout

  • 1 Social Media Post
3 days delivery
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