I will give you a planner to transform your year

give you a planner to transform your year

About This Gig

Perhaps you’re going through a transition right now, and maybe you’re feeling a little lost. When you are feeling lost it can be so difficult to know whether or not you’re on the right path, let alone take action every single day. 

The Purpose and Prana Planner is designed to help you find your purpose, and work towards it every single day. The digital edition is designed as a 90 day planner that you can reprint and keep using over and over again. 

This planner combines your daily agenda and To Do List with action items that hold you accountable and help you live in alignment with your truth.

SIMPLE DESIGN: This planner isn’t full of stuff you don’t need or visual clutter. The pages are designed with the minimalist in mind.

FIND WHAT MAKES YOU TICK: Use the exercises to drill down on your goals and purpose, and then set an action plan for achieving it.

MAINTENANCE OF PURPOSE: Living your Purpose takes effort and requires maintenance, and this planner will help you stay on track so you don’t fizzle out.

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Send you a digital copy of the Purpose and Prana Planner.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Do you have a print edition?
    Not currently, no.
  • How often can I print it out?
    As often as you want! The planner is designed in 90 day blocks. Simply reprint every 90 days.