I will do voice overs USA female yrs of exp

Wow, Yui is the best, very professional and talented..A+++++
Reviewed by fmaudio almost 2 years ago
do voice overs USA female yrs of exp
do voice overs USA female yrs of exp

About This Gig


1 gig ($5) = 150 words (equals to 1min medium paced)

I have done voice acting for 5 years now. I can't do many accents, but I have a wide range of tones. And am willing to learn accents!
I'm okay with english accents, or 1940's NY stage accent. 

Any where from an elderly woman, to a young teenage girl! Or even silly voices! Maybe boyish too!

If you want me to sound like I'm advertising something that can be done! Or if you'd want me to act like a girl who's getting kidnapped, or a mother who's lost her child..anything you need and I'm here!

I've voiced in quite a few Skyrim Mods, "The Girl with the Dragon Heart: Mirai" is one of the more popular ones.

As well as some indie games, anime dubs, video game dubs, plays, original animations and screams for an indie horror film!

When you contact me have in mind what kind of voice you'd like me to do, I can emulate peoples tones or way of speaking as well. So if you have reference, I can try my best to get the voice you want!

I'm very easy to work with! Hope to hear from you! =D