I will do a one question psychic reading

do a one question psychic reading
do a one question psychic reading

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Description Basic Career / Choices to Make Guidance Relationship Guidance
  I will answer your 1 question in one paragraph. I will answer your 3 interrelated questions in 3-4 paragraphs I will provide a psychic analysis of the relationship in 3-4 paragraphs
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About This Gig

I will answer your question from the level of Akashic Records, from your spiritual guides team.

You can ask for psychic advice pertaining to a situation or circumstances in your current life. It can be relationships, work, well-being, spirituality. 

The information from Akashic Records will help you make a choice that is more aligned to your highest good.

The questions should be related to the current situation for which you seek guidance.

I do not answer the questions about the future such as "Will X and I get married". The future is not predetermined. We shape our future every moment by our thoughts and actions. In such cases, I can only indicate the percentage of probability. 

The better formulated question would be: "Out of these choices, which one is more aligned to my Soul's highest path and purpose?"