I will send a list of 200 ANGEL Investor Networks

send a list of 200 ANGEL Investor Networks
send a list of 200 ANGEL Investor Networks
send a list of 200 ANGEL Investor Networks

About This Gig

A comprehensive list of Angel Investor Networks which I collected personally for our own startup project. I have been successfully attracting angel investors for years for my own projects and I am now financing startup projects myself. The list has almost 200 angel network contacts internationally - from the US, EU, and Asia. These are all hand-picked during a research, on which I spend several weeks.

Angel investors are individual investors who are looking for opportunities to invest their money into startup projects that will give them a higher return than stock or other conservative investment instruments. Most angel investors join networks in order to find projects instead of promoting themselves individually. Some networks are location or topic specific. Others are general. 

In my list, you will definitely find angel investor networks that will be perfect for your specific project.The list is sent in excel file.

For only $5 you get a month worth of work, which is a great deal! I wish I had an offer like this when I was looking for investors. 

For my extra gig I will give you a 45min consultation about your proposal, how and where to pitch it in order to get funding.

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A list of 200 Angel Investor Networks internationally

Frequently Asked Questions

  • I have a car wash project in Manila, Philippines. Can you tell me which network I should apply to?
    Most networks on this list are not industry-specific, therefore can sponsor projects in various niches. It really depends a lot on a particular angel. If you want my help with choosing proper angels for you and pitching them right, order my 45 min Consultation Gig.
  • Do you have angel networks in India?
    This list is international and has angel networks from US, Europe and Asia, where there is a lot of available capital for investment. Most of those networks are not location-bound, meaning that a business angel from the US can invest in a project in India.