I will write a Professional 500 Word Article

write a Professional 500 Word Article
Amazing job :) looking forward for next coloboration
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write a Professional 500 Word Article
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About This Gig

For $25 I will write a 500-word professional article for your blog on any topic!

I will write professional articles, blog content, news, SEO articles on topics ranging from cyber security, health, travel, celebrity news & pop culture to taxes, education, and online marketing.

I will maintain company blogs and write regular posts on a daily/weekly basis.


The key to good writing is simplicity. The greatest writers of English literature all say the same thing: cut, then cut, then cut again. Sylvia Plath would write a poem then erase 70% of it. The best English literature is readable by an 11-year old. Not because it is dumbed down, but because it has no extra complicated words that don’t add to the value of the writing. 

I use simple language and make my articles informative, yet easy to read. 

I research and write articles in a conversational style, which engages readers. I use perfect grammar, no typos. 

Contact me and let’s get started right away!

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Standard Article

I will write an engaging 500-word article or a blog post on any topic.

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