I will create for you a fractal sigilspell

Excellent as always - professional and never disappoints. Highly recommended.
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Great work and easy to work with. Thank you.
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create for you a fractal sigilspell
create for you a fractal sigilspell
create for you a fractal sigilspell
pdf page as image
pdf page as image

About This Gig

Fractal is an image, built on the principle of internal reflection and amplification. Fractal structure underlies sacred texts , ornaments of Buddhist and Islamic temples, and even crop circles.

I am not only a magician, but I have PhD in mathematics. I will create for you a fractal sigil while using my knowledge in math and special applications. The basis of the sigil will be numerological code of your desire, and the fractal structure will strengthen it. 

I’ll give you the fractal image with high resolution - you can install it on your desktop, or print on a color printer and use it as a picture. You can print out a small piece of a fractal (it will work as well as big, so as fractals are self-similar) and take it all the time with you. 

To enhance spells, as well as for self-diagnosis, it is recommended to meditate on the image of a fractal: reflecting on the causes of your desire, the way of its possible implementation and visualizing its execution.