I will send you tracks for selfhypnosis session

send you tracks for selfhypnosis session
pdf page as image
pdf page as image

About This Gig

The package for self-hypnosis has 5 tracks, with which you can organize full hypnosis session.

Binaural beats for hypnosis induce an altered state of consciousness while increasing alpha and delta brain waves. This increases suggestibility and reduced resistance of mind to the statement you want to make part of your life and psyche.

Just listen tracks using headphones and repeat mentally or aloud those statements you want to be true in your life. For example, "I'm confident."

Tracks Self hypnosis 1. mp3 and Self hypnosis 2. mp3 designed to activate the alpha brain waves. Each track lasts 14 minutes and can be set to repeat.

Tracks Sleep induction 1.mp3 and Sleep induction 2.mp3 - for those who have difficulty sleeping. They induce delta-waves of brain and helps quick to fall asleep. These tracks also may be used for deep hypnosis. 

Track Mental refresh.mp3 activates beta and theta brain waves. It is designed for rapid awakening after sleep or self-hypnosis session. It helps to quickly wake up and enter into operation mode.

The duration of each track is 14 min.

Notion!  Binaural beats should be listened only by headphones. If you listen them through the speakers - there is no effect.