I will do personalized tarot card reading

do personalized tarot card reading

About This Gig

I am not a clairvoyant or psychic, I am magi.

That is why to work with, I need a precise question and a brief description of situation. For each question I create special card alignment. And your question and situation is the matter from which I create positions of alignment. 

This is not "one card reading" or "three card reading" - I use as many cards as necessary to find out the answer.

Before ordering reading, please, make decision about your internal belief about future and matter of free will. Is it you, who create your future, or you are the actor in a play that is already written, the continuation of which you just do not know?

As for me tarot is an instrument that shows seeds of future event, and the major possible scenario. It is needed efforts (sometimes tremendous) to change this scenario, but I think this is possible.

This is my internal belief. You should find yours. On it depends will you take answers of cards as indications of a pre-predefined events, or indication of development tendencies that are just possible but not predefined.

English is my third language. I sometimes do mistakes, and if you don't understand something in my answer - please, ask again.