I will perform a spell for you using Wicca

perform a spell for you using Wicca
perform a spell for you using Wicca
perform a spell for you using Wicca

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Description Universe Meditation Unicorn Healing Meditation Angelic Candle Meditation
  I will meditate on your wish, reaching out to the universal energy to help it come true. I will meditate on your wish using my unicorn healing energy to guide it into happening. I will meditate on your wish using a candle and calling upon my abundance of angels to help you.
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About This Gig

I use Wicca(witchcraft) to push wishes into being.

It is founded on the principle "If you harm none, do what you will." Therefore, Wicca is positive in nature.

For each of my packages I meditate on your wish for 5 minutesI cannot grant negative wishes as the magick will not work, only those with good intentions can be granted.

y packages explained:

- Universe MeditationThis is a simple meditation where I focus on your request and call upon the universe to grant it, using my own energy to contact it. There is energy woven everywhere, and I like to think of it as a sort of netting surrounding everything. I tap into it and use my intention to push things into being.

- Unicorn Healing Meditation:  Unicorns are spiritual, astral beings that come to people in order guide them. When I call upon mine, I ask it to guide you in life. It is meant for those that need help and a push in the right direction.

- Angelic Candle MeditationThis is a meditation where I call on my angels to help and guide you into the place you want to be. I use a candle to focus my energies so that I can better contact them and be overall more effective.

If you have any questions, ask! I reply ASAP