I will give you personalized classroom management tips

give you personalized classroom management tips

About This Gig

I am a Children's Ministry Specialist. I have worked and volunteered in children's ministry for years in roles spanning from teacher, recruitment, communications,events, administration. Currently our ministry has over 100 teachers and volunteers and 600 children in our care. 

I have taught all ages from age 2 all the way to the elderly (I will not state their age). For teaching the children I will hear what you are having difficulty with and give you personalized advice on how to manage the classroom. For teaching adults,  young adults and youth, I will hear about the environment and personalities from you and give you advice on how to Facilitate discussion, engaged and active learning. 

1 advice sheet with 3 suggestions of things you can try for only $5!
I will give you 5 suggestions for $10.
This is not generic and will be carefully thought out and tailored to what I think is best to promote a healthy learning environment.

+$20 for 24hours express! :)

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5 days delivery