I will help you with your Sunday School Bible Lesson

help you with your Sunday School Bible Lesson

About This Gig

I will help you with your Sunday School Lesson!

For $5, depending on your needs, I will give you

1. A lesson plan within 3 days that suits your classroom and age group 

2. Give you ideas for activities, review games or crafts relating to your bible story and bible lesson

3. Source for coloring and activity sheets for you 

I have been teaching Sunday School in classes of all ages, mixed ages and age grouped classes for 6 years. I have been a teacher for 10 years. I understand the challenges, and how to adapt to different environments and class dynamics. I have taught in more than 3 different countries.

I love sharing about the love of Christ so this gig will only cost you $5! If you have a printer, I will provide printables for activities that need them. 

This is great for Sunday School Teachers, Children's Church Teachers, Parents for their own children or hosting a playgroup. 

Gig extras:
1. For just an extra $5 I will provide you with the materials in 24 hours 

2. For an extra $10 I will create a custom review worksheet and handout for you.  (+1 day)

Contact me for custom projects!

I am raising funds for Children's Program Missions and to get my Masters Degree in Theology.  

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4 days delivery