I will find a solution for you

find a solution for you
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About This Gig

How-To s and Other Solutions
The web is full of solutions to problems from as simple as household to as complex as calculus. You just have to know where to look to find the answers to your problems. Yvosa Search Services can help you find these solutions.  Please contact YVOSA with your problem and wait for a response before ordering.

Examples of solution requests...
  • You bought a new bookshelf. You read the instructions but can't figure out how to assemble it. You would like a video showing how to assemble it.  
  • You are moving abroad and want to take your computer, TV, and microwave. You need to know if it will work in destination country.
  • Your walk-at-work team wants T-shirts but your company doesn't want to pay branding services to make a few. You heard that you can make these products on your own and would like to know how to do this. (see example)
  • You are a teacher and you need articles on a topic for your students to review or more problem sets for your students to work through.
  • You're a pastor working on a sermon and need to find notes, scripture, or see what others have written on the topic.
  • How do I write a business apology? Find a gift for secretary's week.
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