I will help you develop income generating skills

help you develop income generating skills

About This Gig

The Internet contains a lot of opportunities to engage in informal learning activities. These opportunities are in the form of postings in forums, blogs, personal websites, open course-ware, and other social media technologies. It is something that is used by non-employees, employees, and individuals who train employees. All of these groups of individuals have found the resources to be valuable and to have had a positive impact on their work or career related activities. Education improves your earning. Using sources on the internet, you can improve existing skills or develop transferable skills, which can help you move to another field. Instead of wasting free time, convert free time to income by learning from the Internet. Yvosa can assist you in finding the free and cost material you need to do this.

Example Requests:
  • I want to make Iron-on designs on my t-shirts and want to know how to do this.
  •  I am teaching a class on this and need materials on walk-cycle animation.
  • I work as a computer scientist. Do you know any online sites or courses that lets me do this?
  • I have a physics assignment. I need to know how to calculate pressure changes with altitude?