I will edit your audio for Podcast or other project

edit your audio for Podcast or other project

About This Gig



My name is Zack David. I'm an experienced musician who has been songwriting, recording and performing both solo and in groups varying widely in genre for 10+ years. Music is my passion and my profession. Every project is important and special to me.

I've worked in production at a public radio station and I have 10+ years of audio editing and production experience. I currently produce and maintain several podcasts.

I'm willing to edit approx. 5 minutes of audio per gig ($5).
For larger projects we can strike a deal.
What I'll do is take out all the "um"s, "ya know"s, awkward silences, poping and crackling. I'll do my best to post produce the quality of audio as well to enhance the overall sound.

I can also write the intro/outro or even during-program music/jingle/background music.

AND I can get your podcast submitted to iTunes if you build your website using wordpress.

These are add-ons we can discuss before you order.

I'm dedicated to cleaning up your audio yet still keeping it natural sounding.
Satisfaction guaranteed at a low price!

Don't hesitate to contact me with any questions.
I look forward to working with you! :)