I will turn your poetry into song

turn your poetry into song
turn your poetry into song

About This Gig

Audio samples: www.tinyurl.com/zdpromo


My name is Zack David. I'm an experienced musician who has been songwriting, recording and performing both solo and in groups varying widely in genre for 10+ years. Music is my passion and my profession. Every project is important and special to me.

I'll be happy to turn your poem into a song!
For $5 per :20 (approx.) I will record a song with my guitar and voice transforming your words into music.

My style is folk and singer/songwriter. I like to mix the traditional with the contemporary. My music is all about emitting and evoking emotion, whether that emotion be joy, nostalgia, hope, funny, cute, etc.

Let me know what theme and feel you'd like the song to have and I'll do my best. For more options see below:

  • One gig ($5) per :20 of original music (approx.)

  • Gig Extras:
  • $40 for vocal harmonies, more instruments, percussion and studio quality. (full song)
  • $20 for a  video in addition to the audio files
  • $40 to give you full rights

Satisfaction Guaranteed. :)