I will one on one coaching clash of clans for $5

/ 6 Days On Average
one on one coaching clash of clans
one on one coaching clash of clans

About This Gig

Are you tired doing research on finding a good base? Like Finding the best strategy to farm. Finding the best strategy to 3 star a base during clan war.

You have done your researched all that but it is just feels like you never improved in Clash of clans?

You've done everything yet you just don't know why you are not doing well in clash of clans.
Well Rest assure now!

I am here to help you to get better in clash of clans!

For just $5:
- I will personally coach you One on One within order period
- I will answer questions of your regarding clash of clans.
You can ask me ANYTHING!
- Feed back on your base.(Send me a screen shot)
- Suggest you the best attack strategy depending your Town hall level.
- I will provide you with pictures, video and detailed explanations!
- Farming strategy
- War strategy

Anything that you are unsure of!
It doesn't stop here.... Just started a new clan? But you get tons of hoppers?
I will teach how to be the best Clan Leader around!
And many more!!!

I will coach you until you understand the game in the back of your mind! :D

There's a saying, "Teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime."

Curious? order my gig today! 

See you soon!:)