I will professionally master your song

professionally master your song

About This Gig

For just $5 I'll professionally master one of your tracks!


Mixing audio is the process of making everything sit in it's own place.
  • EQ will be used to cut unwanted frequencies and accentuate favourable ones.
  • Compression will make the individual tracks sit well together
  • Reverb can be used to create a sense of depth 
  • Harmonic exciters may be used to give tracks clarity


The aim of mastering is to make sure your tracks will comfortably sit alongside any of your favourite songs.

Mastering involves using similar techniques as mixing, but over the whole track.

Mixing makes the individual tracks sound well together, mastering makes the whole track sound good beside others.

What I need from you

For $5 I'll mix up to 8 tracks/stems, in either MP3 or WAV format
Maximum length, 5 minutes

You will get a choice of a stereo MP3 or WAV for the finished track.

If you would just like mixing OR mastering services, let me know, I can do just one or the other for the same cost.

Order Details

Basic Mastering

Equalization, compression, harmonic exciting, depth and width

  • 1 Song
  • Mastering
2 days delivery 1 Revision