I will make a deep internet research

make a deep internet research

About This Gig

I will make a deep web research during 1 hour about anything you would like to learn about and you can't find and collect the information easily. I am a highly experienced web researcher, having served more than 5000 business owners so far and know how to collect information the quickest possible. I will deliver the results of the research in pdf, doc or xls datasheet, whatever suits best to your request according to the type of task and ordered time.

Contact details, List of companies, market research, product list, competition analysis, surveys, statistical data, person or documents legitimacy, and any other info you might need, can be collected.


  1. 1 hour or research = $5. Check my Extras for more options.
  2. Specific quotes are not provided. The gig is hourly rated so all buyers are served in fair basis. 
  3. You can reorder as many times you wish for the same project until we cover the whole topic.
  4. Fast delivery: Choose the fast delivery Extra to get a higher position in the priority order list.
  5. Task requires less than ordered time: In that case in my delivery I send you a time gift card so you can use this time in any future order. Nothing is lost here. :)

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