I will create 1 pager from your existing business plan

create 1 pager from your existing business plan

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**********Do you want to create impression on your investors in first instance*******????

And do you think that every investor is keen and have the time to go through your 50 pager plan in the first meeting itself? No, they just want a crux of your idea in the first meeting and then they decide based on your presentation and their analysis, whether it is worthwhile drilling down your business idea!

So, next questions which arise are:

1. How to pitch effectively?

2. How much content to be included?

Well, answer is that you should not go just for a verbal discussion just because your idea is mind boggling. Rather, you should go well prepared with a designed presentation in such a manner that it covers every basic aspect of your business and should create a confidence among the investors, that you are serious about it. 

3. But, why should you make this, since you already have the comprehensive plan?

Because, first, this will not only create an impression on the investor about the knowledge you have already gathered , but also would have the time to quickly run through it, since its just 1 pager. And second, since it is more of infographic, it attracts any person to read it. 

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One page business plan

I will create one page business plan from your existing business plan

5 days delivery 3 Revisions