I will be your friend, chat about your day

be your friend, chat about your day

About This Gig

Hi there! Having a really bad day or series of bad days, but no one to talk to? Had the best day ever but no one to share the good news with? Then I am your girl. I am zaman. I like to help people out, explore things, write, travel, hangout, text, and eat.

Tell me all, I love to listen and share in your feelings, good and bad. I'm here to listen if you need to vent about issues or talk about your day.

My basic gig is for 30 minutes strictly text and no images and videos. I will chat to you with any social media about anything you want! I will go all out to make you happy. With me though, I'm here to listen and I believe everyone deserves the happiness of a true friend.

I won’t let you down! I'm here for you! Just turn that frown upside down and don’t be scared to chat to me.

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I will be your friend

Are you alone? i will listen to you, give you advice and more.