I will lend an ear to your longest, loudest rants

lend an ear to your longest, loudest rants

About This Gig

Everyone reaches that point in their lives -- the one where reality is harshest, offering up no optimism and instead, forcing your eyes to the hardest parts of its anatomy to fathom.  Sometimes, if we get desperate enough, just the comfort of random strangers can be the sweetest relief.  Sometimes, just by lending an ear to another's woes, the stranger provides the very outlet we need to unburden ourselves of the world's weight.

I'll be that stranger for you.  For just $5, I'll be the outlet you pour out your frustrations to, I'll be the passer-by who arrives at just the right moment to offer you the seemingly random but genuinely relevant advice to your life, your current situation.  And hopefully, I can lighten the load on your shoulders, friend.

My job will just be to listen -- nothing will be off limits.  Think of it as a kind of confession, just as good for your soul as the other.  It's good for your mentality, too, however, to keep it in a constant state of cleanliness.

I will submit the email address to send your rants and stories to upon transaction completion.

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1 day delivery

Someone's Listening

With this package, I offer to lend an ear to your deepest, darkest frustrations, fears and woes.