I will be your Personal Business Manager

be your Personal Business Manager

About This Gig

Would you like to concentrate on your core money-making activities?

Then your personal business manager can help you facilitate that. A personal business Manager can be the best business investment you can make. As your business grows, the scope of your activities expands and gradually moves towards a higher level of complexity. These activities become critical for fulfilling the basic aspects of your business strategy and at the same time, limit the areas in which your business is capable of improving in the future

 What options do you have?

 There are three possible options available to you when you have reached this stage:

  1.  Do Nothing – continue doing every activities yourself and remain where you are
  2. Hire a Business manager – average annual salary of an experienced business manager is around $45K - $55K excluding other employee benefits.
  3. The best option for you is to order this gig,  and let your personal business manager focus on how to operate better, and increase profitability. 

A standard 1 page letter requires 2 gigs.

If you’ll like more comprehensive work, pls contact me before placing the gig.

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