I will open a psychic portal

open a psychic portal
open a psychic portal

About This Gig

Hello everyone!

I will open a Psychic portal that will lead the good or the bad spirits in.
Psychic Portals can act like gateways of energy from the spiritual to the physical world. This makes them ideal for spirits to use as a bridge to cross over into the physical plane. Psychic Portals are perfectly structured for this purpose.

Use of psychic portals in one's house can lead to a severe trauma for the person involved, so this is ideal for punishing your worst enemies.

Portals also have a good side, they ensure the float of good spirits, if they're set up correctly, giving your home a better atmosphere.

  • You can bring bad spirits into the house of your enemy
  • Bring them bad luck
  • Help you with relationship problems
  • Create a sphere of positivity (radius depends on the concentration of spirits)