I will send you the perfect keywords for selling Rings

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This is an exceedingly complete tags list that carries the target keyword:

I work mainly with one of the most efficient SEO analysis tools 《 SEMrush 》 
✏ The list is presented as an Excel spreadsheet with two sheets: 
1• keywords ~ the most prevalent and give the largest volume of research on Google.
2• Related keywords ~ are those common to both Google and Bing.
✏ Each  list contains:
✎ Search Volume: The average number of times users have searched for a given tag per month ( over the last 12 months)
✎ Tags difficulty: Percentage of difficulty, this tool helps you estimate how easy it would be to seize your competitors’ organic positions in the Google or Bing top 100. The higher the %, the harder it is too achieve high rankings.
✎ CPC or Cost per Click: average price of a click on an AdWords ad for a term, in U.S.$.

BONUS: PDF document for each page with keywords and a comma so that you can just copy/ paste on your meta tags list, social media, title or description. 

My list are perfect for stimulating your volumes of research, finding your potential clients, and boosting your sales &traffic. 

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Keywords and Seo for RINGS.

Exceedingly complete tags list that carries the target keyword: RINGS

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