I will edit and Proofread your Resume and CL for $5

edit and Proofread your Resume and CL
edit and Proofread your Resume and CL

About This Gig

Are you sick of everyone refusing to Proofread and/or Edit your resume and cover letter?  Are you struggling with properly structuring English based sentences due to it not being your native language? How about placing an intellectual spin on the wording entailed in this precious document, that can literally determine the direction of your career?

Well, I am here to make life just a bit easier for you. With many years in the professional world, recruiting, hiring, and training ideal employees, I have a bit of insight on what pops to employers. It also doesn't hurt that I have taken honor courses in the English subject my entire academic career. I was the guy who people paid to write their essays. 

I will Proofread and/or Edit your career documents RIGHT into your DREAM position. $5/page of work. Delivery times will be as prompt as they come and you can ALWAYS count on a high level of quality. For, quality is most important for you landing your dream job. Why am I still talking, LET"S MAKE THIS HAPPEN! I look forward to placing a satisfied smile upon your face.