I will give you a relationship reading for $5

give you a relationship reading
give you a relationship reading

About This Gig

The best time to get a relationship reading is before you enter the relationship.  However, long term relationships issues OK.  A relationship reading depending on your question can be many things.  Here are a few examples:

I can tell you:
-if your astrology reading matches or if it's just chemistry and lust.
-how things will most likely go based on your circumstances.  
-if he's lying about not being in another relationship.  
-how they think and feel about you.
-what to do to save a relationship 
-should marry or divorce this person
-should get pregnant
-you should leave or stay
-why this person is acting a particular way and how to deal with it

I can give you guidance on how to stop the cycle of failed relationship

This goes for any other person - work, love, mother, father, deceased, ancestor.  

However only one or the above questions can be answered at a time - unless you choose an extra.  Talk soon!

Zena Lillie Pearl