I will show you how to decide if you should sue for $5

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show you how to decide if you should sue
show you how to decide if you should sue

About This Gig

How do you decide if you should sue?  It's a terrible decision to have to make when you don't know the law or anyone who will give you information for free.  It's even worse to find out you could've sued and you didn't.  It can be just as bad to sue someone you should not of.  Worst of all it can be a terrible waste of time to sue some one, win and then not be able to collect.  That's just a few of variables.  I put it all together in this short video "How to Decide".  You'd be surprised about what you need to know in order to make an informed decision you can live with.  I made this video after I won a civil suit for $100,000+ with all the information I gained as a victim and wish I'd known before I entered into the lawsuit.  I actually think the worst one is not to have sued when you could have and should have and now there is nothing you can do and you are left holding the bag.  This educational and informative video could change your life!  Most people can't afford a lawyer to tell them all that's in here and furthermore, do not know what they should even ask.  It's all here.