I will show you how to testify in court for $5

/ 3 Days On Average
show you how to testify in court
show you how to testify in court

About This Gig

In all the emotional distress, tension and excitement of any court case most people forget to prepare for one of the most important performances in their lives - testifying on the stand. You - your presentation will make or break your case OR what you want to communicate if you are one of the witnesses.  There are no do-overs for this moment - which could be minutes, hours or days.  I will prepare you for it all.   I will give you a short video tutorial on over 60 things you must do and know before you put your hand on the Bible and say "I do".  These secrets will help you relax and be confident in your presentation.  My video will show you how you fit in to the overall big picture of the court preceding and you won't be left with any regrets.  We can have a private consultation or I will send you an audio explanation of any thing you think you want more details on.  Each audio explanation will be an additional fee.