I will do a intuitive health reading for you

do a intuitive health reading for you

About This Gig

What is intuitive health reading? I can tap into your energy field (or whoever ,your baby or pet has given permission to access or know more what is going on in their health. We have gotten feedbacks from our friends that it is unbelievable true but you got to discover it for yourself.

I will not diagnose, cure or treat disease. I facilitate a process that assists people in correcting energetic imbalance which in turn stimulates the body's innate ability healing capabilities. This process is not a substitute for any medical treatment. 

1)  your overall health condition
2) your 3 weaker organs 
3) One main issue causing the underlying cause of the weakening of the organs. 

This gig would aid you with insights to move closer to optimal wellness
.Do share with someone that you know will benefit them tremendously.